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Rostami Magic

STUCK! (DVD Video)

STUCK! (DVD Video)

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"The most BIZARRE coin through hand EVER."

Borrow a coin. Place it on the back of your hand and proceed to TWIST it into your skin. When the hand is removed the coin has penetrated the back of the hand.

But WAIT ... The coin is NOT coming out the other side of the hand ...


Both hands are shown completely empty ... there is no sign of the coin.

You then pull the coin SLOWLY and VISUALLY out of the palm of your hand!
The vanish and the reveal of the coin will leave your audience STUNNED!

EXTREMELY Visual Magic
• Easy to do with minimum sleight of hand
• Totally Impromptu
• Instant Reset - Sitting or Standing
• Use any coin about the size of a US quarter
• No Pulls, No Strings, No Pockets, No Sleeves, No Magnets, No Sticky Stuff, No Watch 
• You can do it NAKED!!


"The best purchase I've made in YEARS!  Eye popping Magic." - Alan Rorrison

"I'll perform STUCK! for the rest of my life.  One of the BEST IMPROV effects EVER." - Justin Miller

"The strongest effect you can do with a borrowed coin. Well done!" - Peter Eggink

This is a physical DVD that will be mailed to you.
This is not a download video.

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