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Rostami Magic

Angel Number

Angel Number

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“Angel Number is GREAT!  It’s clean, it’s in their hands, and the method is CRAZY!” - Shawn Farquhar

The ULTIMATE math miracle.

The premise is simple ...

They multiply two 3-digit numbers that you do not know, but you KNOW the result of their multiplication!?

It sounds impossible ... But it’s NOT!

Once you learn the Angel Number system, you’ll perform impossible mind reading and predictions, with no props.

You’ll also learn variations for close-up and stage that you can use with your existing magic effects.

•  Super EASY ... If you can add single digit numbers, you’ll perform in 5 minutes.
•  You NEVER touch their phone/calculator.
•  Perform over a phone/video call.
•  Perform either as mind reading or a prediction.
•  The results are different every time!?
•  No language restrictions - Math is universal.
•  No App, No Website, No Sleights, No Memorization, No Reset, No PROPS!

“No apps, no website, no nothing.  Yeah, it definitely fooled me.” - Casshan Wallace

“You FOOLED ME! I wish I had a trophy for you ... F U .” - Ran Gafner

“I love Angel Number! I already have an application for my show.” - Chris Funk

“This is the best math effect that I've ever seen.  I'm going to use it ALL the time!” - Riccardo Berdini



This digital download is a ZIP file that contains the Angel Number instruction video and extra files for other effects. It can be downloaded on mobile devices and computers, but works best when downloaded on any computer.

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